Ladies, massage this point every day and see what happens!

This point can be found in the inner part of the legs, between the knee and ankle.

The ladies are generally more stressful, chronically tired and sleep deprived, so massaging of this point especially useful for them. It is beneficial to the health and to the good look.

Benefits of the massage

Skin elasticity

This massage stimulates the spleen, which could improve the elasticity and the health of the skin.

Hormonal balance

Massaging of the San Yin Jiao point will solve the hormonal problems and it will help you recover your sensuality.

Stabilization of gastrointestinal tract

This way, you can solve the flatulence and digestion problems.

Activation of ovary and uterus

This method encourages the ovary and uterus functions, so it is especially useful for women that are trying to get pregnant.

Regulation of menstrual cycle

Massaging of the San Yin Jiao point could stabilize the period and relieve the menstrual pain.

San Yin Jiao massage – procedure:

First of all, you should find this point. The right position of the point is necessary, so you could know from where you should start the massage. Put 4 fingers over the ankle, on the inner part of the leg. The point should be under the forefinger.

After locating the point, press that area hard and start the massage. You could massage the both legs in the same time. You will have to massage this point for about 10 minutes in any part of the day, although it is recommended to do it in the evenings. Repeat the massage regularly in order to achieve the best results. And believe us, the results will surprise you!