Ladies, you will throw away your high heels after reading this! Find out why?!

Fashion dictates the appearance, so every woman feels more elegant and higher in high heels, which shine with sex appeal, attract the men and highlights the figure. But same as the positive effects, there are many bad effects caused by the high heels. They can cause strong pains in the muscles and back, blisters, improper body posture, deformed knees and poor balance.

Too tight shoes, especially if they have heels, often could cause painful blisters that are unsightly.

Shortening of the calf and Achilles’ tendon

High heels are shortening the calf because these muscles are forced to move under improper angle. If we are talking about a long period, this can cause shortening and compacting of the muscles. The rule is, how higher the heels are, that much the Achilles’ tendon is getting shortened.

Improper body posture

It is really hard to keep the proper body posture while you walk on vertiginously high heels, which push the central weight of the body, and therefore the hips and the spine are moving outside their normal position. Namely, the characteristic pains in the lower back are caused right by improper body posture.

Deformed knees

Walking on high heels changes the position of the step and pushes with big force and weight on the inside of the knees, with which they get deformed and doesn’t look nice.

Poor balance

The woman which says that never has fallen because of high heels, is definitely lying. Everybody knows that the risk to fall and hurt yourself is bigger when you walk on high heels than in regular shoes.