Little secrets of the healthy heart

The heart is a pump that supplies the organs and tissues in the organism with blood. But, the heart is also considered as a center in which are gathered and from which are sent the emotions.

The experience has shown that the timid, emotional or impulsive people always feel their heart when they are upset. But it can also be a sign that the heart’s functions are in disorder, caused by obesity, improper diet, increased blood pressure, but it can also be inherited factor. More we know about heart deceases, we have bigger chances for prevention.

The heart is a muscle that allows the blood flow through the circulation system. In order to allow smooth circulation in the organism, the arteries and the capillaries must be completely clean. The deposits of cholesterol on the vessels, is the main factor for the heart deceases, because they block the blood flow. This condition may cause heart attack or stroke.

How can you have healthy heart?

despair-513529_1280No matter you have deceased or healthy heart, you must respect the basic rule: move as much as possible. Don’t forget that the movement is on the top of the list for body’s health and spirit. Keep up the condition, not the weight. But we must highlight that if you have deceased heart, the movement must be moderate, without sharp moves or breathlessness.

Eat healthy food! Avoid the fried products and limit the consumption of meat and products rich with saturated fat. Instead, add more fish, such as mackerel, salmon or tuna in your meal.

Don’t forget about the fruit and vegetable. Eat them fresh, because in this condition they are rich with calcium, magnesium and potassium. Don’t put too much salt in the food! It’s better to get used on the natural taste of the food.

Forget about smoking and avoid the long-lasting stresses. Try to control the blood pressure more often and to check the level of lipids in the blood. In case you have high blood pressure, increase the magnesium in your everyday nutrition.

Moderation and mental peace is of great meaning for the good health, both the healthy and deceased persons. We must accept this awareness as soon as possible, so we can enjoy our life and live longer.