Lower the risk for the Alzheimer’s!

American research has shown that the older people who eat fish at least once a week have lower risk of getting the Alzheimer’s.

According to the claim of a scientific group in Chicago, at the people over 65 that eat fish at least once a week, the risk of getting this disease is for 60% lower, than the people who eat rarely or never.

The examinees have eaten tuna sandwiches, fish sticks and sea food. The amount is not known.

‘That promises a lot, but it is too early to make any conclusions, so further researches are still needed”, said Dr. Martha Claire Morris from the medic center Rush-Presbyterian- St. Luke in Chicago, that leaded the research.What-is-Alzheimers-Disease

There were examined 815 residents of Chicago older than 65 during this research. It was repeated 4 years later and have shown that 1 312 examinees have Alzheimer’s symptoms. Even after the correction depending on age, sex, ethnicity and the causes of the risk, such as heart diseases, the doctors have found a connection between the nutrition rich with fish and the decreased risk of Alzheimer’s.

The fish is rich with Omega 3 – fatty acids that are very important to the brain. The Alzheimer’s is degenerative brain disease that ends up with dementia. It hits the people older than 65 for 5%, and the ones older than 80 for 25%.