Make natural cosmetics for health and care of the baby

Aromatherapy is a gentle method for keeping the health, beauty and good condition of the body.

The essential oils are clearing the air, making a pleasant atmosphere, and if they are diluted with a cold pressed vegetable oil, you get natural products for skin

  • Mandarin – so called “Oil of happiness and smiling”, with pleasant well known smell, welcomed in every light, bath, air refresher, etc. Encourages the good mood, eliminates the anxiety and the tension. It’s good for making a happy atmosphere.
  • lavender-823584_1280Lavender – essential oil that is very common in the aromatherapy. Acts regenerating on the skin, it’s used for relaxation, decreases the blood pressure, it can be putted on the skin undiluted.
  • Chamomile – noble essential oil with expressed anti inflammatory action. A real treasure for a sensitive skin.
  • Natural baby bath – 1 teaspoon of cold pressed olive or almond oil; 1 drop of lavender or camphor; mix the ingredients and add them to the bathing water
  • Oil for massage and care of the baby’s sensitive skin – 100 ml of cold pressed unrefined almond oil; 5 drops of chamomile essential oil; 10 drops of lavender essential oil; Mix the ingredients and collect them into a dark glass vial. Use it instead of a lotion or whole day skin care.
  • Camphor – It’s one of the most powerful antivirus essential oils that are used for prevention in difficulties in the respiratory system. It’s used for treating the insomnia and tension.