Make this chokeberry (aronia) juice and strengthen the immunity of your child!

Daily, a cell of children’s body is attacked by a million of free radicals, the mail culprits for more than 150 diseases. Because of the accelerated pace of life, we care less about the ingredients we give to our kids.

Instead of feeding regularly and healthy, we are burying our kids into pastries, sweets, juices, crackers, etc. That’s why their immunity is disturbed even in the earliest days.

With daily use of Siberian chokeberry, we prevent the consequences of malnutrition, free radicals, obesity, iron deficiency, digestion problems, infections, etc.

The newest natural supplement formulated especially for the kids, has a task to strengthen the defense capabilities of the children’s organism. It’s rich with vitamins A, C and E, polyphenols and flavonoids, it is sugar free and without preservatives.