Massage your feet and eliminate the back pain! How?! We have the solution!

Did you know that you could find your spine on the edge of the foot? Exactly on that place are projected all problems with the back, and they could be found in the form of painful points. When you massage your feet, the back tension is released, the pain and the stiffness disappears.

You could do the massage by yourself, but it is equally effective if someone else’s doing it to you.

The result is visible even after the first treatment. Besides, the foot massage is not only an exceptionally pleasant procedure, but it is incredibly useful for your health. Take some time for yourself and you will feel healthier.

How to do the foot massage?

Firstly, you need to find your ‘spine’ on the foot.

Sit on the floor with crossed legs. Take any foot in your hands.

The line between the heel and the big toe on the inner arch of the foot is the projection of your spine.

Divide the line visually on: sacrum, lumbar, thoracic and cervical part of the spine.

Squeezee the line with the thomb, starting from the heel towards the big toe.

If you have back pain problems, you will find their reflection. You will feel them as painful and thickened points.

You will act on your spine with a gentle massage of these points. The pain and the stiffness will disappear in a short period!