Meaning of vegetable fibers in people’s nutrition

Epidemiologic studies have shown that in African primitive populations which are fed mostly with vegetable nutrition, which besides complex and simple sugar, also contains enormous quantity of vegetable fibers, the spreading of diseases is really low (atherosclerosis, especially coronary disease, appendicitis, diverticulosis and colon cancer), that in the highly developed countries, where in the nutrition dominates products of animal origin, especially meat and meat products, as well as refined products of vegetable origins – white flour and saccharose.

eat-670136_1280The explanation for frequent occurrence of colon cancer is primarily searched in the diets rich with meat, especially beef, because it accelerates the development of anaerobic microorganisms that breaks down the bile acid and cholesterol into simpler ingredients that have carcinogens and co-carcinogen, i.e. helping the effect of developing malignant tumors.

However, diets that contains a lot of vegetable fibers, as in the case in some populations, accelerating the food flow and waste materials, prevent the emergence of obstipation and thereby the development of anaerobic microorganisms, so the chance of accumulation of carcinogenic materials is lower.

Some research has shown that to the modern man is recommended to eat more wheat in grain or whole-grain bread, which contains more vegetable fibers, i.e. cellulose (bran, trinkets) than to eat this same food in refined form, such as beef.

It’s found that vegetable fibers consist of complex sugars- cellulose and langina, which are included in the membrane of plant cells, and that are materials that cannot be used as energetic source in the human’s body.

However, this complex compounds, although doesn’t have energy value for the man, they are still significant for his health. The meaning of vegetable fibers is particularly large when it’s prevented or when the obesity is treated , because they lead to decreasing the cholesterol in blood.