Minerals that improve the appearance and quality of the skin

Most of the researches that are related on the skin show that it’s not necessary extra input of minerals. This is related to the persons who are drinking healthy water with natural stock of important materials.

Washing the face with mineral water has a significant role in prevention of the skin cancer. Consuming it as supplement or cream, this mineral keeps the skin from irritations, and the mineral itself helps the skin to soak more water.


walnuts-552975_1280The scientists believe that this mineral has significant role in prevention of the skin cancer. This mineral keeps the skin from damage caused by the sun. If we are over exposed on the sun, the selenium will reduce the opportunity of occurrence of burns and risk of occurrence of skin cancer. The best sources of selenium are: whole grains, nuts (Brazilian walnut), seafood, garlic and eggs.


The copper, together with the vitamin C and zinc, helps in the development of the elastin, fibers that support the skin structure. Deficiency of this vitamin occurs rarely, and the doctors warn that taking it in form of supplement can be dangerous.


In case of acnes on the skin, the most important mineral in fact is the zinc. Sometimes the acnes can be because of the deficiency of zinc. The oral consumption or in form of a cream with zinc is reducing the production of fats and can be effective in controlling of creation of new acnes and healing the already existing. Food rich with zinc is the red meat, oyster and poultry.