Mix black radish and honey and cure the bronchitis!

This mixture is great in the fight against bronchitis and it’s good for strengthening the immune system.

All you need is black radish and honey.


Cut off the top of the black radish with a knife. Scoop out the middle of the radish, so only the thick walls stay. Be careful, because the ‘meat’ of the radish is hard, so you can hurt yourself. Put in a small glass the middle that you scooped out.

Pour a honey in the black radish, but not to the top. Leave some space for the juice that will be released by the radish.

Cover the black radish and leave it for a couple of hours, or during the night. Pour the juice in a jar, an repeat the procedure few more times (2-3 times with one radish).


Take 3-4 spoons of this mixture every day and the results will be seen in a while.