Mix horseradish and vinegar and you will get the most effective remedy against sinuses EVER!

For many diseases, especially chronic, the best remedies are the natural ones. There are no side effects and it is much cheaper.

Together with autumn and cold days, the problem with sinuses increases extremely. The headaches are always here, and even the stronger medications couldn’t help. That’s why it is better to start using the natural methods for pain relieving, instead of using chemical compounds. The best “ally” in this “fight” is the horseradish.


It’s recommended to grate a fresh horseradish and pour wine vinegar, and then put it in a bottle. Keep the mixture for 10 days on a room temperature and shake the bottle every day. After that, make inhalations through the opened bottle few times a day for five minutes.

Soak a cloth in the same liquid and put it on the forehead or the nape during the night. This therapy lasts for 5 days, which is enough to clean your sinuses and unpleasant headaches with the strong and bitter odor.