Natural antibiotics against toothache!

The toothache is one of the worst enemies of the man. Its pain is sometimes unbearable and seems like impossible to cure. But there are natural antibiotics right against the toothache. The most given advice in these cases is to go and see a dentist, but there are remedies that could decrease the symptoms and avoid the use of medicines.

The causes could be numerous. The most simple and noted is the caries, which in worse cases could transform into a pulpitis, or inflammation due to infection of the dental pulp. There are also situations of periodontitis, which concerns the gums. Also, the dental cysts are not less rare.

What should you do with the natural antibiotics?

When you have unbearable toothaches, you should rely on natural antibiotics. The first one is essential oil obtained from clove (Eugenia caryophyllata Thumb) which relieves the pressure. Also the application of propolis is advisable, thanks to its disinfectants and antibacterial properties. The aloe gel is helpful, especially when you have gums sting.