Natural remedy for lowering the pain in arms! (Cures arthritis)

Most of the people, older than 25, suffer from some sort of arthritis. There are different ways to reduce the pain and inflammations caused by arthritis.

Wax therapy

Many people rely on herbs, while the others are trying with crèmes and hot wax.

At the end of the XIX century, many people treated the arthritis with heat and hydrotherapy. But, applying heat on the joints or taking hot baths increases the pain, decreases the inflammation and relaxes the muscles.

Dipping the joints into hot paraffin is a great way to extend the effects of the hot bath, and later dip the hands into a bowel with a hot wax.

The wax maintains the temperature for around 20 minutes and it could be taken off easily.

Cayenne pepper

The cayenne pepper is used for centuries as a powerful and natural remedy. Many people are using the cayenne pepper in order to cure the symptoms of arthritis.

Mix ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and water with a bit of cayenne pepper and apply it directly on the joints. This procedure will decrease the inflammation, pain and swellings.

You could find many crèmes and ointments that contain cayenne pepper in the pharmacies. The crèmes are made by using cayenne pepper oil and have the power of releasing the pain.

In the beginning apply a small amount of the crème, because it could cause a strong feeling of tingling. Increase the amount of the crème slowly.