Never eat these 4 foods before sleeping! They could cause a big problem!

Many factors affect the quality of sleep, and one of those factors is also the food you eat before sleeping.

These are the 4 foods that you should avoid before sleeping:


The chicken meat contains lots of proteins and it’s healthy, but you shouldn’t eat it before sleeping. It can slow down the digestion and disturb your dream.


The chocolate ingredients act on our nerve system, activating it and if you consume it before sleeping it could wake you up and interrupt your dream.

Spiced food

Better eat it during the day, because at night it can cause heartburn.


The bacon is very fatty and unhealthy, so better avoid it.

Here are some foods that you could consume before sleeping:


It contains lots of amino acids and helps you fall asleep easier.


They contain melatonin, which could help you sleep better.