New outbreak of the deadly virus?! Find out here!

Pauline Cafferkey, a 39 years old Scottish nurse that have contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone last December, has been hospitalized now in critical conditions at the Royal Free Hospital in London, because of a relapse of the infection.

After the apparent healing from January, the women had gone in the hospital with viral symptoms, non specific from the last week. Although her clinic history, she had been returned back home and putted in isolation only 3 days later, after being in contact with 58 persons, under tight control.

The case with the woman has opened a question about the post Ebola syndrome, together with the symptoms more or less serious, which the survivors from the epidemic continued to manifest even after the recovery. Cafferkey’s blood has resulted again positively on the virus, but the woman is not alone in this situation.

It is calculated, that more than half from the 17.000 persons that have survived the virus in western Africa, continued to manifest intense symptoms, such as headaches, chronic tiredness, inflammation of the eyes and joint pains. It is not known if it’s about run-down of their immune system, or about persistence of the virus in their organism.

The researches in Sierra Leone have shown that the Ebola is still present in the semen, and it still could be transferred through sexual contacts. Besides the testicles, also the brain, eyeballs and the joints represent places when the virus continues to hide more after the healing.

The institutions and the research organs, including the World Health Organization, are working now on data collection of the long-term virus, in order to find what causes the syndrome post Ebola and if the syndrome is contagious.