New sexually transmitted disease is found! But the worst thing is that it doesn’t have symptoms!

Hundreds of people could be infected, and they don’t know that!

Mycoplaspa genitalium is firstly identified 30 years ago, and now it is determined that it is a sexually transmitted disease. It is estimated that 1 % of the population between 16 and 44 is infected. Those who have more sexual partners, have unprotected sex and live in poor countries are more vulnerable.

It could cause inflammation of the genitalia and it could also lead to infertility at women.

4500 people have participated in this research, but the fact that concerns is that those who were positive on this disease didn’t have any symptoms. Actually, 10% of males and almost half of the women didn’t have symptoms. Still, women who were positive reported that they were bleeding after sex.

The scientists announced that more researches should be done for this disease, in order to find the exact consequences and hopefully a cure.