Newest researches confirm: Pregnancy prolongs life!

The demographic dates prove that women that have children not too young, live more. And, the recent studies for pregnancy explain the motive.

Live long and healthy? This is the dream of everyone. The human life’s limit is fixed on the age of 115, but the scientists always tend to prolong the life. Between the various studies, there’s one that gives the promising results.

In technical jargon, it’s called “heterochronic parabiosis” and consists in connect the circulatory system of a mature individual with someone much younger. The hypothesis, definitely vampire, is that the “force” of the younger person can transfer in this way to the older, rejuvenating him.

The idea could be a puzzle, because a similar thing already happens in the nature, and most of all, it works. How? With the pregnancy.


During the pregnancy, an adult individual, the mom, enters in contact with the blood of an extremely young individual, the fetus”, writes, in the Fertility and Sterility Magazine, Yuval Gielchinsky, from the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

The rejuvenating effect in this special relationship is observed at animals, but also at women: the heart and liver regenerate if they are damaged, and the amount of myelin increases in the brain, the ingredient that protects the neurons (because of this, the multiple sclerosis, a disease in which the myelin is compromised, improves only in pregnancy).

A part of the benefits is linked to the hormones and another part is linked to the stamina cells of the fetus, that enter in the maternal circulation and go to repair the damages and injuries of the organs. Maybe because of this, the demographic dates show that women who give a birth of a child not too young, live longer!