Nighttime urination during childhood (Part one)

Nighttime urination is one of the most common problems during childhood. Primary nocturne enuresis is urinating in bed during sleep at healthy kids from the age of 5 and above. According to the world literature data, every fourth kid at the age of 5 has the problem with nighttime urination. When the school starts every tenth kid has nighttime urination problem, so at the age of 10, 7% of the kids have this problem. In the adulthood 1-2% of the kids remain with this problem.

Nighttime urination

  • Benign condition with nighttime urination as unique symptom
  • It’s present at healthy kids
  • Age of 5 and above
  • Without other symptoms present
  • The bladder’s function is proper and it always comes to completely emptying without kid’s will

Why some of the kids are urinating in bed?

The nighttime urination is a result of imbalance between the detrusors capacity on the bladder during the night and the amount of urine that is creating, and the result is urinating during the deep sleep. There’s a deception that the enuresis is a consequence of psychological problems or psychological profile of the kid. If the healing doesn’t start on time, there can be some psychological, emotional and social problems.

Social consequences because of the nighttime urination

  • young-57480_1280Isolation
  • Fear of activities- sport
  • Feeling that they are different
  • Avoidance of camping, school excursions
  • Friendships
  • Without opportunity to talk to somebody about the problem


This is a very common problem which occurs at 7-15% of the kids on the age of 7. It occurs at the male kids twice much that at the female kids. It occurs triple the kids with the ADHD syndrome. It’s described as one of the most common and most disturbing child problem. The incidence is reducing by the ages: spontaneous healing approximately 15% at year. The successful and on-time treatment levels up the confidence. Most of the kids are well motivated for the treatment even on the age of 5.


End of part one.