Nighttime urination during childhood (Part two)

Nighttime urination is one of the most common problems during childhood. Primary nocturne enuresis is urinating in bed during sleep at healthy kids from the age of 5 and above. According to the world literature data, every fourth kid at the age of 5 has the problem with nighttime urination. When the school starts every tenth kid has nighttime urination problem, so at the age of 10, 7% of the kids have this problem. In the adulthood 1-2% of the kids remain with this problem.

How can be diagnosed the primary nocturne enuresis?

The nocturne enuresis must be searched actively- within the systematic examination, regular examination at the family doctor.


The family history about the primary nocturne enuresis is of great importance (genetic factors). If both of the parents had this problem as kids, the possibility that their kid will have the same problem is up to 75%. Most of the kids sleep tight and are waking up really hard. During the night there is increased creation of urine as a consequence of disruption on the rhythm of secretion of one neuropeptides- vasopressin that is secreted and regulates the amount of the urine created during the sleep in the kidney. Because of that the developmental problems at kids must be known, are there any daily symptoms, the frequency of urination, is there any other disease or maybe some previous treatment. Must be done good physical examination on the back, legs and genitalia, urine analysis, ultrasound on the urinary tract.

The enuresis must be healed

doctor-563428_1280The kid’s parents, that has the nighttime urination must turn to a pediatrician nephrologist and talk to him and do the required examinations and define the type of nighttime urination. The optimal time for beginning of the therapy at kids with enuresis is estimated individually, but the healing results are best if it starts before starting the school.

Lifestyle changes

Dear parents, decrease the intake of caffeine (hot chocolate, chocolate milk) in the evening, care about the kid to have right nutrition and make restriction of liquids before sleep.

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