One spoon on empty stomach of this potion and you will feel a miracle!

The liver is extremely important organ, because it produces the red blood cells and participates in its restoration process.

Besides, it helps in strengthening and stimulation of the digestion. So, you won’t make a mistake if you say that cleaning of liver means health, vitality, healthy look and good mood.

But what can make this miracle to your liver?

Teaspoon of olive oil mixed with lemon juice!

If you take this potion every morning on empty stomach, you will feel a change in a month.

It will reduce the dark circles, your tan will look shinier, your digestion will be great and you will be full of energy.

The olive oil has great effect in expansion of the liver and bile duct.

The lemon is also good in it, and also it is a great source of the vitamin C and cleans the blood vessels from cholesterol.