Prepare this MIRACULOUS beverage for flat stomach and thighs in a short period!

For this beverage, many people claim that the results could be seen even after the 4th day of regular consumption, and you could lose up to 6 pounds and 10 cm of your waist.

You could make this beverage alone, if you have a fresh ginger, fresh mint leaves, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon and 8,5 glasses of water.

Wash the lemon, cut it on half and take out the seeds. Cut the both half a little and add them into the water dish.

Do not peel the lemon, nor squeeze the juice into the water. Peel the cucumber and cut it on slices and add them into the water.

Take 8 to 12 leaves of the fresh mint, wash them and add them into the water.

Peel the middle sized ginger and grind it into the mixture.

Mix all the ingredients well, cover the dish and put it in a fridge during the night.

This beverage, also known as Sassy water, contains 0 calories and it’s known that the water itself helps a lot in losing weight, while the other ingredients accelerate the process of burning the fat deposits and reduce the stomach and thighs for sure. If you exercise, the results will be seen in couple of days.

The next day, drink only the cold Sassy water when you’re thirsty. It’s necessary to prepare fresh Sassy water at least for 4 days, in order to see the results. You could strain the water every time you pour it in a glass.