Prevent The Pain In Your Bones!

Arthritis is becoming one of the most common diseases of modern times.

It’s symptoms, like joint pain and restricted movement, are a result of stiffness, swelling and warm sensation in affected areas. Arthritis might cause further complications like fatigue, fever, and it can affect lungs, kidneys and heart.

While conventional treatments mostly focus on relieving symptoms instantly rather than providing long-term treatments, Ayurveda, the ancient healing science, provides concrete and efficient solutions to aching and chronic problems.

According to Ayurveda, arthritis is mainly caused due to poor digestion and weakened colon that allows toxins (Ama) to accumulate in the joints. This inhibits joint function, mobility, and comfort.

Hereby we present you a miraculous, home remedy which will relieve your pain and strengthen your bone structure! It  helps against osteoporosis, back pain, bones pain, joints, and arthritis

People who have used this remedy say that it rejuvenates bones for 20 years. If you feel pain in the joints, have heaviness in the legs, you are suffering from back pain, have consequences of some past injuries stop wasting your money on expensive gels and ointments.


  • 300ml 70% alcohol which can be found in pharmacies
  • 100ml iodine
  • 10 pills Analgin or Aspirin


Grind the pills and add them to the alcohol in which you previously add the iodine. Mix well the ingredients and leave them in a dark place to stand for 21 days.


You may use this mixture as a coating or a direct application on the painful area.