Prevent a stroke using only a needle!

A life can be saved using only a needle. This advise is by a Chinese professor who says that you always have to have a needle in your house, sewing needle or needle of a syringe.

This is an incredible and unconventional way to save a man of a stroke. 

When a man gets a stroke- the capillaries are getting breaking up, and the man should have a rest and medical help. These advises could save a life of somebody!

Be calm and regardless of the position of the man, don’t move him, because if you move the patient, the capillaries will crack and the man will have a bleeding in the brain. If you have a needle of a syringe, that would be great, but an ordinary sewing needle can finish the work.

  1. Keep the needle above a fire, lighter or a candle so it gets sterilized and than it is used for tingling of all the 10 fingers.
  2. There’s no a specific acupuncture, just it must be few mm under the nails.
  3. Inject the needle, so a blood will start flowing.
  4. If there’s no blood, tighten it and start squeezing so a blood start flowing.
  5. When all of the 10 fingers start bleeding, wait for few minutes. You’ll see that the patient will come back to life.
  6. If the mouth of the patient is distorted, massage his ears until they become red.
  7. Than inject the needle in the soft part of the ears, until 2 drops of blood doesn’t fall down of every ear. Few minutes later, his lips will come back to normal.

Wait, until the patient come to a normal condition, without any particular symptoms, and then send him to a hospital.

This method of bleeding as a lifesaver has ancient Chinese origins, and after a practical application, could be said that it’s 100% effective.