Proper Sitting Posture: Avoid The Consequences Of The Sitting Lifestyle!

Almost every person which is working on a computer is having problems due to long term sitting. Mostly the problems are: a pain in the back, neck, eye strain and bad blood circulation.

Although the job is dictating the hours we should spend in a sitting position, you are not supposed to suffer consequences because of that.

We have solutions for your problems! Just follow our steps:

The distance between the eyes and the screen should be at least as long as your arm. While you read this, extend your arm towards the screen and check if you are sitting too close to the screen.

Place the screen at the same height as your eyes, so your neck and head couldn’t be in a tilted position.

If you are working on a laptop, purchase a stand for it, in order to use the laptop on the eye height.

Stand up and walk for 10 minutes in the office or around the building every 2 hours.

After every 20 minutes looking at the screen, direct the view on something distant. Watching distant objects will relax the eyes.

The chair at work should have a solid back support. It is recommended for you to have a chair with casters, so you could often move the legs and improve the circulation.

DO NOT SEAT IN A HINCHED POSITION! The back should be upright, and the spine should be straight.

If your eyes are always dry, put eye drops.