Put this remedy under your tongue before sleep and a MIRACLE will happen in the morning!

It’s about a mixture of honey and Himalayan salt, which should be put under the tongue before sleeping. This salt is really special, it helps our body to become alkaline so it can fight better against numerous of diseases.

Also, it helps in regulation of the serotonin, which is really important in the struggle against depression. The serotonin is a neurotransmitter chemical which regulates the muscle contractions, regulates the body temperature, the appetite and pain and it also controls our behavior, blood pressure and breathing.

When the balance of the serotine in our body is in disorder, we are in depression and we have other behavior disorders, such as problems with sleeping.

This hormone is also called as a sleeping hormone. It controls our biological clock, and it’s secreted intensively during the night. In the mornings, the production of melatonin is decreased and we are waking up.

Besides, the melatonin protects our body of free radicals and cardiovascular diseases, slows down the aging because it rejuvenates the cells and lowers the possibility of development of different diseases connected with the aging. Otherwise, as we grow old, our body secretes it less and that’s why the kids are sleeping more, while the grownups are sleeping less.


Mix 5 teaspoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt and put it in a jar. Put a bit of this mixture under your tongue every night, and the results will impress you.