Remove the scars, acne and stretch marks from your skin in a simple way!

Many scratches, acne or surgeries are leaving traces on our skin and irregularities on our body or face. We are offering you 4 natural remedies which will help you reduce the visibility of these scars, stretch marks or acne, or you may completely get rid of them.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very healing herb, which penetrates deep into our skin layers, accelerates the healing of wounds and burns, and stimulates the reproduction of new tissue cells.

  • Tear off a leaf of Aloe Vera, drain its juice and apply it on the scars you have on your skin. You can also apply the Aloe Vera juice on the whole face or on the cracked skin parts and leave it to dry without washing.

Carrot juice

The carrot is rich with the vitamin A, which encourages faster healing of wounds and scars. Except the vitamin A, the carrot has a lot of vitamin C, which cultivates and feeds the skin, and the carotene that could be found in the carrots is making the skin healthy and gives it freshness.

  • Apply the carrot juice on every area where your skin is cracked, dry or damaged and let the skin soak the juice.

Hazelnut oil

Reduces the stretch marks and redness of the skin, hydrates, regenerates and feeds the skin, and reduces cracking of the capillaries. It quickly tightens the skin and maintains its elasticity and firmness.

Coconut oil

Acts like a really powerful antioxidant, also has antibacterial effects, acts against the stretch marks, soothes and regenerates the irritated skin.

  • Apply the oil (hazelnut or coconut) on every area where your skin is cracked, dry or damaged and let the skin soak the oil.