SAVE YOUR LIFE! What should you know if you suffocate, and no one is near you?!

When the Heimlich’s maneuver fails or it couldn’t be done properly, another maneuver could relieve the airways and save a life to a person who is choking.

Most of the people have heard about the Heimlich’s maneuver and knows how to help to a person in whose airways caught a piece of food or some subject. However, what should you do if you are the choking person and there’s nobody around to help you?

In this case, the Haimlich’s maneuver is impossible to do, and because of a panic you often do the wrong thing. Jeff Rehman, a paramedic and a fireman with 22 years of experience, together with his colleagues, has created an alternative of this maneuver.

  1. Kneel on the floor and put your hands in position as you do the push-ups
  2. Get out the hands and fall with the torso on the floor. The heat will rashly expel large amounts of air from your lungs, and expel the piece of food or the subject that disrupts your airways.
  3. If the first time fails, try again. Do not fear of the fall, because it is about a few seconds of discomfort, which are nothing, compared to the fact that you could save your life.

Watch the video in which the maneuver is explained: