Sex after a heart attack? ‘It’s not riskier than climbing the stairs’!

The research made on 500 patients reveals that the sexual activity doesn’t trigger a heart attack, not even those who already had one before.

Surviving a heart attack pushes many patients to change their lifestyles in a way to stop smoking, drinking and eating fat foods. But many, because of fear, are choosing to cut off even the sexual activity fearing that the heart attack could have another episode.

But it is not like that. One German study confirms that making love after a heart attack is not a riskier than climbing the stairs or a fast walk. In fact, according to the scientists, the sexual activity should be encouraged!

The research

The German scientists from the Ulm University studied the health status of 500 persons that survived a heart attack, including how often they have sex and have they got cardiac problems before. They were trying to understand was there any connection between the sex and the first heart attack of the patients. The scientist have found that only 0.7% of the studied cases (less than 5 between 536 men and women from the age of 30 to 70) have made love before the heart attack. On the opposite, almost 80% of the patients haven’t had sexual intercourse in the previous 24 hours before the attack. Between the survivors, a hundred had immediately a new cardiac episode (attack or ictus) in the following 10 years, but there was not highlighted any relation between the cardiac problems and the sexual activity.