Shall the pregnant women have sex? Find out here!

This question is asked very often: shall women have sex during pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, there are significant changes in her organism, and in that phase it could come to indifference for sex. According to some researches made recently, sex during the pregnancy is not carrying any consequences, if the pregnancy is normal.

But with the changes that appear during the pregnancy, such as: nausea, headaches, urge for vomiting, exhaustion etc. they barely think about sex. In that period it is really important to keep the close contact with the partner, i.e. to have mutual understanding between the partners.

At the man there is a fear that he will hurt the baby, and the growth of stomach is making the sex strange and uncomfortable. At the end of the pregnancy, most of the women don’t even think about having sex. But there are cases where both of the partners want to have sex, during the whole pregnancy.

In certain cases the doctors are not recommending, or not that often, to practice sex during the pregnancy. At any bleeding during the pregnancy, especially after having sex, you should consult your doctor. If the bleeding is common, then you won’t be able to have sex regularly. The sex is forbidden if there is:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Risk of spontaneous abortion or premature birth
  • Feeling of pain during the intercourse.