She eats 50 bananas a day. Today, her body looks unrecognizable!

“Banana girl” Lin Ratcliffe is a real star. She is the girl with 450,000 followers on Instagram.


She came up with an interesting diet plan, called “Raw till 4”. As the name itself suggests, this diet is based on vegan meal containing carbohydrates in the evening and the consumption of raw fruit until 4 o`clock.

People started calling her the banana girl due to the fact that she consumes up to 50 bananas daily. But according Evangeline Mantzioris, as much as we need fruit in our diet, too much of it does more harm than good.

Lin lost about 20 kilograms with the help of this diet and inspired many women worldwide. It turned out that this unusual diet helped her stay fit.

However, we cannot let it go without asking ourselves whether this diet plan is healthy.

According to Evangeline Mantzioris, a nutritionist, this diet it doesn’t supply the body with the needed nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, calcium, and healthy fats and is no healthy at all. The high fructose content equals the amount obtained from a few cans of Coke daily.

Given the fact that “Raw till4” is not backed up by science, its results are not validated. Two servings a day work fine for most people.

Via: HealthyDiet24