She lost the hearing in one ear and tattooed the “mute” symbol behind it

The girl published the photo on Imgur and explains with irony: “Now the others are informed that they shouldn’t talk to me on my left ear”.

The handicap caused by deafness often results invisible at first glance. It could be recognized only in the moment of conversation.

Since I’m deaf on one ear I thought this was a friendly to tell the world not talking to me from the left.

One girl has conceived an ingenious mode to let people know – the listeners – that she doesn’t hear anymore on one ear. She made it with a fantasy and a great dose of irony.

She published the photo herself on her Imgur profile a few days ago and not it started to circular a lot on the social network. The photo has been shared more than a million times in a period of 24 hours.

What’s the solution to improve her life every day, the unavoidable problem to communicate with the others? How to avoid the everyday embarrassment?

  • A tattoo behind her left ear sends a clear message: I can’t hear!

The girl tattooed the audio icon with the X symbol. In the description of the photo she wrote: “Since I’m deaf in one ear, I thought that this could be a friendly way to say to the entire world: Don’t speak to me from the left! “