She sent a warning to the women: Watch this photo closely, it may save your life!

Kelley Armstrong noticed something unusual on her breasts. Even they were barely tangible, these two lumps were resulting with the worst diagnosis. Kelley has a breast cancer, and she sends the women around the world a photo in which is visible how does it look.

“Please, look closely this photo. These three barely noticeable indentations on the bottom of my breasts are signs of a BREAST CANCER! This is how my BREAST CANCER looks! I felt no growth, neither do my doctor”, wrote Kelley under her photo.

Kelley went for an examination, but when her doctor wasn’t sure what is it really about, she made a mammogram. Neither the mammogram showed a cancer, so she did an ultrasound. Only then they have discovered that deep inside her breast has a tumor.

Then she decided to share this photo with everyone because she hoped that she will raise the conscience of the people that they should know that the cancer is not just a growth which could be noticed easily. Every change is an alert, and going to a doctor could save your life.