She shocked the world with the pictures of her cancer: She never used protective crèmes!

Lorraine Henderson (40) always used tanning oil in order to get darker skin color, and she also used to visit the solarium. Now she warns the others of danger!

A victim of skin cancer shared a shocking photo of her scar on the face, which is a result of overexposure to the sun without protection and too many visits of the solarium.

Lorraine Henderson was a huge fan of dark tan and that addiction cost her a lot. She used to go to the solarium since the age of 13 and every summer she accelerated the tanning with oils, but without using and sun protection factor.

This mother of 1 child have revealed her big and painful scar on her face in order to warn the others of the obvious dangers of the sunbathing.

I used to go on a vacation, doing whatever I could in order to get tanned faster, and after coming home I used to go in solarium to maintain the tan” – said Lorraine.

She noticed a growing fleck on her face and she was just thinking that “the sun will hide it”.

But, in time she figured out that it the fleck doesn’t disappears and she went to the doctor for advice. Only one look was enough for the doctor to tell her the cause – it was a skin cancer!

I think that there are no enough real warnings that will make people start getting serious. The sun is dangerous. Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but if we show the people the reality, I think that it will make them believe” – added Lorraine, revealing the reason why she shared her photo on the Facebook.