She thought that it is just a regular TOOTHACHE, but the truth was FRIGHTENING!

She went to take out the tooth and solve the problem, that was just the beginning for her agony which still lasts. The doctor’s mistake could cost her the life and she hasn’t recovered yet.

Gemma Wood (27) still has a hard life and she’s a victim of a wrongly diagnosed and wrongly cured tumor. She has a husband and two kids and they all live in fear of how long will she live.

Gemma felt for 6 months a strange toothache, so she went to her dentist, who diagnosed her an infection. After taking antibiotics the situation hasn’t changed, so the dentist took her out 1 molar.

However, the pains didn’t stop, but on the contrary, it became even worse. Then a bulge appeared, which made her go to her doctor.

After doing a biopsy, she was diagnosed neuroendocrine cancer, which is really rare. She was exposed for 4 months to aggressive healing methods, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and at the end she received a good news from the doctors – the cancer retired completely.

When she finally thought that her life is getting back to normal, the doctors told her that the primary diagnosis is wrong and that they cured a wrong type of cancer. That was a heavy blow to her, and they she found out that she has to receive a completely different type of chemotherapy.

The new diagnosis was a cancer which covers the muscles. Namely, the tumor was located under the cheekbone, but because of the wrong healing on which she has been exposed and the long spare time, the cancer metastasized to the lungs.

Gemma was frightened and didn’t want to heal again, but because of her kids she continued to fight. She’s still under therapies and the final result is still unknown.

Because of that, she decided to organize a party and invited all her dear people.

There’s a chance that I won’t live for a long, so I decided to create memories with the closest while I still can. My family is shocked and they see me all the time in a bad mood. Because of that I wanted at least for 1 night to forget the cancer and to celebrate life, no matter how long will last mine” – said Gemma.