She threw out only 1 thing from the food and LOST 60 POUNDS!

Tilly Cutler had 235 pounds and because of that, she was unable to move properly, but at the age of 25, she decided to throw out 1 thing from the food. She was not hoping, but that was the right solution.

Namely, in half a year, she lost more than 60 pounds and all because she decided to stop eating the hamburgers.

“I was eating the hamburgers so much, that I became fat and all my clothing started to get uncomfortable. I couldn’t walk properly, and my self-confidence was on the lowest level possible” – said Tilly, who was in completely mental disorder, until she lost weight.

Her transformation became an internet sensation, after she shared her photos on the social network.

“I took a photo of me, with my big belly, to remind me how did I looked like before the treatment. It kept me on the right path, so I continued losing weight. I was amazed of how people reacted on my will. 36 weeks passed since my life started to change and I will never look at my past. I haven’t achieved the target, but I’m looking forward”.

“I was in college only 6 months, then I left with my husband because of work, but my bad malnutrition continued. I was eating burgers and snacks 4 times a week and I never cooked. Edward and I loved to eat in the restaurants, and I was always taking deserts. However, all that is behind me. Now I feed healthy!” – said Tilly.

Tilla managed to lose weight thanks to a special nutrition program, gave to her by an organization which helps the overweight people. So, now she eats fruit and yogurt for breakfast, her brunches are carrots or salad, her snacks are fruit, yogurt or fit chocolate bar. She passes the dinner and eats Carbonara prepared with less fats and calories.