SHE was drinking too much tea, thinking it’s healthy: Her bones started to crash and her teeth fall off!

The pain in the lower back, arm and leg of the 47 years old woman, according to the Henry Ford’s medical team, from the Detroit’s Hospital, were due to her daily consummation of super strong tea (too much tea bags in one cup) thinking it’s healthier.

After suffering the pain for 5 years, the doctors have concluded that the reason for this is 17 years of drinking tea, every day, wherein she used 100 to 150 tea bags.

Dr. Naveen Kakumani found high level of fluorine in the tea producing fluorosis in the woman’s bones, which could be found only in areas with high level of fluorine in the water.

The fluorine, despite the pains, caused also damage to her teeth, so they had to remove them.

The doctors advised her not to drink tea anymore, in order to improve her health.