She was giving her husband a spoon of coconut oil every day: You won’t believe what happened to him!

The number of people diseased by cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes is bigger every year. Also, according to the scientists’ warnings, it is pretty sure that almost 15 million US citizens will have Alzheimer’s until 2050.

Mary T. Newport, a doctor of neonatal medicine has researched all the scientific literature about the Alzheimer’s during the last 10 years. What she discovered is that the coconut oil could be a perfect medicine for prevention and slowing down the development of the Alzheimer’s.

Her husband Steve, suffered of progressive dementia more than 5 years. His MRI results showed that the disease is likely to develop into Alzheimer’s.

Besides the big problems with the memory, he also suffered of depression. When the disease started developing significantly, Mary decided to try the coconut oil therapy and she bought 100% virgin coconut oil.

She was giving her husband 35 mg of this oil every day in a period of a month. The results of the therapy were amazing. The doctor claims that the progress was so obvious in only 2 weeks.

Her husband had a significant progress and he cured almost completely after a month and a half, consuming only 35 mg of coconut oil every day!