SHOCKING: How we look like after 6 hours and how after 8 years of sleeping?!

It’s not a secret that the good sleep is the key for good health.

While most of the people consider that 8 hours of sleep is the criterion for a good sleep, there are some people who claim that 6 hours of sleep is enough.

Sarah Chalmers is 46 years old and she’s from the Great Britain. She recently participated on an experiment which target was to answer the question – How much of sleep is enough for a man: six or eight hours?

On the beginning of the research, the researchers have analyzed the condition of her skin. At the end of the experiment, her face pores increased for 100%, and her skin was in a really bad condition.

Sarah Chalmers after 6 hours of sleeping

Sarah Chalmers after 6 hours of sleeping

I looked so much older. I had dark circles around the eyes, and my skin looked desperately. Thereat, acne started appearing on my chin. I hated looking myself in the mirror. I was getting tired easily and I was very irritable”- says Sarah.

During the first part of the experiment, Sarah only slept for 4 hours, from 2 to 6 in the morning. She says that during this period, she was really tired, but it seemed that she doesn’t sleeps at all: “Around 3 P.M. every day, I had a strange feeling, some kind of hangover.”

In the second part of the research, Sarah slept from 5 to 6 hours. Right after the third day, she felt extremely tired and started eating more sweets in order to fill with energy.

The doctors explained these effects: “Lack of sleep produces cortisol- the hormone of stress. Because of this the person is pretty nervous. Also, lack of sleep activates the oil glands, so the skin becomes greasy, and the production of growth hormones stops, which goal is to bring back the “system” of our organism to the optimal level.

Finally, in the final part of the experiment, Sarah slept at least 8 hours every night. She had positive changes in a very short period. In just 7 days, her skin problems disappeared, together with the stress, nervousness. So, what are you waiting for? GO TO SLEEP!