Shocking: See what really happens when you crack your knuckles! (VIDEO)

If you are among the people that regularly do this, we believe that you will be interested in this.

40 healthy adult persons in total, 17 women and 23 men, between 18 and 63 years of age, were examined using ultrasound – they were recorded while they crack their knuckles in order to crack their joints. This act in the medicine is known as metakarpofalangeal of the joints (MPJ).

Between the examinees were 30 who are doing this every day, consciously or not, and only 10 of them said that they don’t have this habit. Those who said that are doing this, are doing this very often – even 20 times a day.

Using little probes, the orthopedics were following the ways of doing it. 2 radiologists were interpreting the ultrasound recordings.

What we saw looked like explosion of fireworks. It was an unexpected display – said Robert Boutin, professor of radiology on the Californian University.