Six tricks for good health

Little changes in the habits and nutrition can decrease cholesterol, preserve the eyesight, prevent headache, but also the occurrence of serious diseases.

Replace the sugar with a buckwheat honey!

honey-823614_1280The honey has been putted on the wounds since ancient times, because it is a natural anti bacteria balm. Now the experts claim that it does not acts only on the surface. The researches have shown that the honey slows down the oxidation of the bad cholesterol, which can lead to its deposition on the blood vessels. The most effective honey that slows down the oxidation is the buckwheat honey.

Eat eggs!

Some researches show that the eggs are great source of antioxidants that prevents the development of eye diseases, but also the vitamin D, which is, according to the newest researches, extremely important for strengthening the immunity and reduces the risk of cancerous diseases. Don’t worry about the cholesterol! One egg a day can’t increase the level of cholesterol, neither the level of triglycerides.

Breathe deeply!

woman-570883_1280The deep, slow breathing from the stomach can reduce the frequency of the heat wave. The ones that are result of the reduction of estrogen, and the experts also believe that it can also be from stress that affects the nervous system. The deep breath slows down the heartbeat, relaxes the muscles and low the blood pressure. Sit comfortable, close your eyes, breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Lift up your head!

This way you can avoid the headache. When you thrust forward your head, you must lift your head so you can see. In this position you are pressing the nerves and the muscles in the base of the skull, which causes a headache. In order to keep your head straight, imagine that a rope is attached on its top and it’s pulling it to the ceiling, and check periodically is your ear on the level of the shoulder.

sunset-691995_1280Kiss your partner passionately!

You’re wondering why? Well you will be happier and you will have wide and beautiful smile! Not just that you will enjoy the kiss with the one you love, but the experts say that it increases the amount of saliva in the mouth. It cleans the teeth from bacteria that create the caries. In case you don’t have anybody to kiss, chew a sugar free bubble gum that contains xylitol.

Eat the red apple peel!

The apple peel is very healthy. A laboratory experiment has shown that more than 12 substances that are found in the red apple peel, prevents the development of the liver, breast and the colon cancer cells. The experts think that the peel from the other apple sorts is also healthy, but recommends only the ones that are not sprayed with pesticides.