Sleeping paralysis: Nightmare from the worst nightmares!

There are different dreams that we call nightmares, but they are all funny compared to this one…

When you say ‘nightmare’, people mostly think on dreams where they fall from a skyscraper or someone dies, but dreams like that always have culmination after the awaking. The real nightmares are totally different and contain these 3 factors.

  • Paralysis of the whole body
  • Feeling of weight in the chests
  • Inability to talk

It all happens while you are completely awake and that’s why it causes terrible sense of fear. In order to be worse, these nightmares are usually including hallucinations.

Contemporary psychologists are recognizing these nightmares as a specific manifestation of sleeping paralysis. It’s about medical condition, which is common at those who suffer from narcolepsy, but they can also appear at completely healthy people.

This condition occurs when the brain awakes during the so called REM phase, and the body stays paralyzed. The person is conscious of all that, but can’t move, but if there are hallucinations, the thing can be really bad.

The sleeping paralysis is common and it happens at even 8% of the world’s population. The episodes of sleeping paralysis are lasting for 4-6 minutes, but same as panic attacks, they can leave very bad impression to the person.