Smear the mirror with shaving cream! You WON’T BELIEVE what can it do!

This is one of the most amazing tricks that we’ve seen and we were really skeptical if it really works, so we took a try! We tried, and we must admit that it left us with our mouths wide open!

If your bathroom has no good ventilation system, then you know that after every bath or shower, an unpleasant problem always appears. It is about fogging of the mirror inside the bathroom. If you wipe it with a towel, the traces of wiping will remain on it, and they would be visible when it dries.

However, there’s a solution to keep your mirror clean and totally resistant to fogging.

Take a shaving cream and smear it over the mirror. After the cream dries, clean the mirror with a wet sponge and paper. After this, your mirror will not fog in the next month or two!