SOCK THERAPY: Old Recipe Which Decreases The High Body Temperature!

Those who were listening to their grandmothers while they were young, this recipe is not unknown.

The feet have lots of sweat glands, around 250 thousand. Our feet are sweating even with no effort.

There are few ways that proved successful in lowering the high body temperature, especially at kids, in improving the immune system and disposing of the body toxins. But the sock therapy stands out, and that’s why this therapy has been used since ancient times, by our grandmothers, and even before.

Slice a potato on rings and grate them, put them on the feet, put on the socks and warm the feet well.

You could combine the potato with apple cider vinegar. Mix a bit of apple cider vinegar and grated potato, put the mixture into wool socks, and put them on. Wrap the feet in a warm blanket and let it act for a few hours or during the night.

This therapy should be repeated at least once a month, if you are healthy, but if you have some disease, repeat it more often.