Spice up your food, it’s healthy

When we eat a clove, hot pepper or black pepper, we immediately feel tingling in the mouth, stomach and the whole body, and we start blushing and sweat. Some recent researches have shown that the hot spices, such as clove and hot pepper, prevents from conglomeration of blood platelets more efficient than the aspirin.

mortar-and-pestle-436885_1280In the newest researches of some food products, it have been evaluated the effect of active components in often used spices- eugenol (in cloves), capsaicin (in peppers), piperine (in black pepper), quercetin (in onion), curcumin (in turmeric), cinnamaldehyde (in cinnamon) and allyl sulfide (in garlic)– on conglomeration of blood platelets at people. And it has been shown that every of the researched components is able to significantly prevent the conglomeration of blood platelets. It has been determined that eugenol and capsaicin are the most powerful inhibitors of the arachidonic acid that causes the conglomeration. This experiment has shown that the eugenol inhibit induced conglomeration of human blood platelets 29 times stronger than the aspirin.

Prevents inflammation and blood clotting

hot-pepper-98945_1280Cardiovascular diseases and inflammation are often going together. Some old researches has determined that the active ingredient in the clove, eugenol, is very effective in inflammatory conditions of the human. Capsaicin is an active component in the hot peppers, the one that creates the heat. Despite the fact that it prevents the conglomeration of the blood platelets, it also has an anticancer ability. It’s especially effective against the cancer of prostate and other types of cancer that depend of hormones. Capsaicin also helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, and it’s in condition to dissolve the fibrin, which is another way of preventing the blood clotting.