Sport during the pregnancy

The pregnancy or the prenatal period for every woman represents a special moment in her life, in which culminates the physical and mental changes that every woman must face.

baby-216180_1280Exercise or any other physical activity prepares the body for the changes that will come during the pregnancy, and releases the spirit and the mind for those who are “working on the case” and are more or less stressed about it. Very often the medical specialists recommends to the couples, who asks for help about the conceiving, recreation to decrease the stress which is sometimes a psychological obstacle, in absence of any other pathophysiological cause.

  • If your body in the pregnancy period must be a “home” for your baby, make that home with solid foundations. Namely, strengthened abs can ease the childbirth and keeps the strength on the abdominal cavity. Furthermore, the strong back muscles will help you for easier submission on the gained weight, while the strengthened shoulders and hands will be your main weapon after the delivery of the baby.
  • Cardiovascular condition will be the mainly meaning for dealing with the everyday obligations. When you’re fit, simply you have more energy for everything else. The exercise is a great generator for a good mood.
  • On the women that are physically active and meanwhile are still active on their trainings, the exercise represents one healthy habit in the life, one healthy ritual of respect to her body.

Remember that you must follow and listen to your body and not to bring yourself in a state of exhaustion. Keep your place in the first row, talk to the instructor from time to time, if you can talk and exercise without losing your breath, than you are on the right path. Another thing that you must keep in mind is that you must drink liquids as much as possible, even when you’re not thirsty. Slow down the exercise pace and frequentation on the trainings- if you have practiced 3 times a week lower it on 2 times a week. Or if you can’t bare the crowded hall, the smell or simply you’re not in the mood, than walk a route right on the training time. You have so many alternatives nowadays, so you don’t have to give up.

Keep in mind that the baby care begins through your body care!

Every baby deserves a healthy and smiling mother!