Stay half an hour in nature and cure the depression and high blood pressure!

Only 30 minutes in nature a week or city parks is enough for decreasing of the high blood pressure and depression.

“When everyone could visit a park nearby, just half an hour a week, there will be 7% less cases of depression and 9% less high blood pressure”- said the Ecologist Danielle Shanahan from the Queensland University.

Shanahan and her team have gathered and analyzed data from 1,538 inhabitants of Brisbane that fulfilled a questionnaire of their weekly habits, about taking walks in nature and physical activities and then they estimated their mental and physical condition.

They found that the people who regularly go in nature, at least half an hour a week, have the mentioned lower percentage of moderate and heavy depression, anxiety and stress and have minor risk of appearance of high blood pressure.

It’s also found that those people have better social cohesion, or better mood of cooperation with others.

The results published in the Scientific Reports, actually is nothing new, but they are addition of some previous researches.