Do you know someone that couldn’t stop biting his skin around his nails? You probably do.

That’s because some people are anxious, so they bite their skin in order to calm down their nervousness. This condition is also known as dermatophagia, and it’s connected with the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Should you be worried about this?!

Well, all of us do that once in a while, but sometimes the dermatophagia goes too far and it becomes pretty dangerous for the skin around the nails. It is very dangerous, because you consume germs and microorganisms that gather around the nails every day. That’s the main reason why numerous people have developed serious infections in and around the nails because of tissue damage because of biting. You should also know that the cuticles are infected not only with germs, but also with your spittle, especially if the fingers are constantly in your mouth.

That’s a reason why you should watch the video bellow- a confession of a guy (Lucas), who has a serious problem with biting his skin. In this video, he says that he has a serious problem with dermatophagia. The problem is so serious, so he had to stop biting his skin, and he’s stick only to chewing.

Watch the video and see for yourself: