Stop feeding your children with this product that causes cancer!

They look completely harmless, nicely packed and easy to prepare. You only need to boil them for couple of minutes or to bake them. They go well in combination with a bread and sauces, and you will have a prepared meal, or popularly called hot dog.

But, did you know that the World Health Organization identified the hot dogs as a food that causes cancer?

Here’s why:

The hot dogs are made of the worst meat leftovers. They usually put pork or beef, all that couldn’t be sold or used as a solid piece of meat, because the greedy manufacturers want to make money even by the leftovers!

Later, a chicken meat is added in liquid form, and tens of preservatives that are fatal for our health, all in order to maintain the freshness of the product. Here lies the reason of cancer appearance- in the bad meat leftovers, as well in the preservatives.

Lots of water and flavors are added to the mixture. The mixture is then packed in foils and later is served on our tables.

If the hot dogs are still not on your black list of forbidden products, then you should consider of throwing them out after reading of this article.