Stye! Causes and natural remedies!

Stye is a solid growth colored red that could show up on the eyelid or under the eye. It looks like a seed, and can cause pain, itch and irritation. The inside is filled with pus and in general it disappears in few days. However, to avoid the unpleasantness caused by the stye, use the benefits from natural remedies to remove it.

Causes of appearance: the staphylococci bacteria could be a cause of appearance of the stye due to insufficient hygiene of the eye. Also the stye could show up due to hormonal changes incurred during a treatment or the menstrual period. Stress, overwork and anxiety could provoke the appearance of the stye.

Useful advises when you have a stye: Don’t try to squeeze it, don’t put a make-up until the stye is not removed completely, visit a doctor in case the natural remedies doesn’t help you, don’t scratch the area around the stye, if you wear lenses, try not to put them while you have stye, don’t touch the eyes with your hands, don’t share the towel or the soap with others.

Natural remedies for stye

  • Wash a leaf of chard and heat it in a pot for 5 minutes. Than strain it and leave it to cool down. After that, take the same chard leaf, put it on a closed eye and keep it there for half an hour. Repeat this step 3 times a day until the stye doesn’t disappear.
  • Mash few fresh menthol leaves and put it on the eye. Hold for 5 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Make a tea of one teaspoon of calendula dry petals and half a liter of water. Strain the obtained liquid and soak cheesecloth in it, then put the cheesecloth on the eyelid and hold it until it doesn’t cool down completely. Repeat three times a day.
  • Boil 25g chamomile, 10g horsetail and 10g of incense in 1l of water. Cover it and leave it to cool down a bit. Then put this solution on the eye, three times a day in form of coating.
  • Cut a leaf of aloe-vera and using a cotton wool put the squeezed liquid on the stye.
  • Make a tea with a handful of black locust leaves and a cup of water. When the tea cools down a bit, soak a cotton wool in it and put it on the eyelid for about 10 minutes.
  • Boil a teaspoon of coriander and half a cup of water for 5 minutes. Cover it, let it cool down a bit, strain the liquid and using cheesecloth wash the eye.