Symptoms which indicate that YOUR lungs are failing: Many people ignore them, although they shouldn’t!

The passionate smokers usually bear with this type of cough and persistently refuse to accept the possibility that it is probably a symptom of considerably harder type of disease than a simple cold. The only thing they could do, in order to help themselves, is to stop smoking! Immediately!

The doctors warn the smokers that they shouldn’t neglect the cough, whereas it’s showing a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. More than a million people in the United Kingdom live with this disease.

The Chronic obstuctive pulmonary disease is a common name for series of diseases of that vital organ, among them the chronic bronchitis. Obviously, the diseases manifests with series of symptoms, of which shortness of breath and hardness in moving in easy conditions, such as climbing on stairs.

In England, 25.000 people have died of these diseases, where 90% of them as a result of smoking. In 2014 and 2015, the ambulance had more than 130 000 interventions.

The British have decided then, to start a campagn, with which they are trying to call out the people from smoking. The promotional video is made by the Olympic participant, Ivan Thomas, whose mother had this disease,, caused by smoking.

I’ve never taken this disease so serious, but when banal things, such as preparing of a tea, climbing stairs or walking to the nearest bus station become unsurmountable hard, then you start taking it serious – said Thomas.

Doctor Nicholas Hopkinson, the representative of the Clinic of pulmonary diseases in the Royal Brompton’s Hospital, warns: “The smokers cough should be taken as a last warning to stop the damage caused to your lungs” .